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Third crossCert Newsletter
News Around Next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification
April 2023
The upcoming crossCert Knowledge Exchange Centre on EPCs: A blueprint

A wealth of information has been generated in recent years on the energy certification of buildings, including analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches, and suggestions for new ones. This information has multiple origins, such as regulatory bodies, professional associations and research initiatives like crossCert itself.

One of the goals of the crossCert project is the creation of a web-based repository for organising this wealth of information on next-generation EPCs, and sharing it among the EPC community.

Beyond the information generated in the project, crossCert’s Knowledge Exchange Centre will encompass the relevant work from previous similar projects, as well as information arising from other stakeholders. The platform will eventually allow for the creation of summaries, how-to’s, guides, analyses and opinion pieces by authenticated stakeholders.

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60 EPCs with 10 different EPC programs cross-tested

The detailed cross testing of national EPC schemes among the crossCert project partners is the main basis for issuing technical guidelines for the next generation of EPCs, guidelines for people-centred EPCs as well as recommendations for the harmonisation of the certificates in the EU. To achieve this goal, the consortium developed the cross-testing procedure. This methodology enables an assessment of EPC schemes in a quantifiable way.

Cross-testing means calculating the energy performance of buildings of different types and user profiles, ages, structural conditions and technical equipment using partners national EPC calculation software, and comparing the experience and results of each other’s EPC schemes.

The crossCert team has cross-tested 60 EPCs among 10 different EPC schemes so far and is already revealing some relevant output, click below to read them!

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Harmonizing EPCs across Europe: Enhancing Energy Efficiency Through Updated EU Building Standards

crossCert is focusing on assessing the various methodologies that lead to an EPC and their frameworks to help reduce the performance gap by facilitating the evaluation of the EPCs. Based on cross-testing several buildings across the EU, and assessment of the current and new EPC approaches, we address the technical dimensions of EPCs in order to identify potential improvements and guidelines in our Review of approaches to EPC assessment across chosen member states.

This report summarises EPC methodologies currently in use across chosen European countries, focussing on those of relevance to the crossCert project. The information collated also acts as a reference document  to highlight differences in approaches to energy assessment and, by extension, different responses to the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive.

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Understanding the People-Centered Framework for Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) assess the energy efficiency of a building and provide ratings for energy consumption. They are vital tools in fighting climate change as they provide crucial information on the energy consumption of a building and can be used to highlight areas where improvements can be made. Energy efficiency is an extremely important factor in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. EPCs are the essential first step in pinpointing where a building is not performing at its best and how it can be improved.

Their significance is often underestimated and we like to paint the full picture with this article about them, click below to read it!

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Review outcomes from projects on new EPC paradigms preceding crossCert

The Energy Performance Certification of buildings framework is very heterogeneous across Europe. There are, at least, 30 calculation methodologies (software) used in the EPC schemes across Europe. Such fragmentation in the EPC schemes greatly hinders the achievement of the common ambitious building renovation objectives of the European Union.

Report D.2.3 compiles the results of 30 European projects in order to determine the starting point of the project related to the similar work already done. crossCert partners assess previous projects in respect of lessons learned, EPC developments and new EPC approaches.

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This Was The Next-Gen Event: Energy Efficient Buildings - Materials
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Did you miss our Digital Workshop? Read the main takeaways on Making Energy Performance Visible
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Deep Renovation of Buildings: What Energy Performance Certificates can do

The deep renovation network platform (DRNP) is an information tool focused on building deep renovation created in the QualDeEPC project. QualDeEPC has developed or improved such national online platforms, which primarily work as an online information hub related to deep renovation and energy performance certification. It also includes renovation recommendations per type of residential building matching deep renovation standards and an online calculation tool for both building owners, potential buyers, and tenants to compare with more traditional renovation recommendations.

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NextGen EPC cluster’s recommendations for the recast of Energy Performance of Buildings directive

During the preparation for the recast of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Cluster offered their recommendations to update the Directive with the lessons learned throughout their lifetime of research on the harmonization perspectives of EPCs.

crossCert collaborates with 10 other Horizon 2020 projects as well as Interreg projects to enhance the development of next generation EPCs. The projects in the Next Generation EPC-Cluster are in continuous cooperation with each other, from non-disclosed expert workshops to discuss outcomes together and share knowledge, to open events where all projects are presented together to send a stronger message to the all stakeholders.

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